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Abingdon, VA

I am currently in Abgindon, VA spending a week or two with famous Kicking Coach Doug Blevins, before football camp starts. We kick in the morning and in the afternoon and just hang out the rest of the day so sitting around the apartment is boring as shit after a while. So I decided to head out and take some pictures around the historic town and I get some images I was quite happy with. They are all vintage looking which goes great with old historic town. I am hoping to do a documentary out of Coach this week and show the inside process of kicking a field goal. Not sure if I will do it for a day or do it for a week, we will and I will report back.

Wood County Fair Day 1

Elephant Ears, kettle corn, lemonade, the sounds of the rids and cows mooing, Its time for the Wood County Fair! I will be spending 6 long, hot days covering the sights and sounds of the fair from Flower Judging, to the Combine Demolition Derby and lots of different things in between. 

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