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Sports Shooter Clip Contest

I finally placed in the Monthly Clip Contest over at sportsshooter.com. The contest is where you submit your best images from the month and the members judge the photos and after each month the winners are released based on how many votes the photo got. 

I took this image during a local swim meet, I was using a 10.5 Sigma Fish Eye on a Nikon D300 I was lying on the ground on my back hanging over the water to get this picture. I was waiting for the swimmer to dive in but I got yelled at by an official telling me I can’t be in front over the diving board. I was soaking wet but after I chimped and saw the results It was all smiles! Coming in 2nd Place in the Sports Features section for the Clip Contest is a pretty big deal due to the face that I am competing with some of the best photographers in the world. I am hoping to build off of this and keep producing winning images.