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Mud Hens Opening Day


I shot my first Minor League baseball game of the year while the action wasn’t there but the light sure was nice.  The game started at 5:30 so I arrived at the stadium around 4:30 enjoyed an awesome media lunch and some ice cream before it was time to head down to the field to start shooting features.
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Play Ball!


After being constricted to shooting inside dark dungy for almost two months covering college and high school basketball it was time to get out side in the nice weather (well kind of nice) and shoot some baseball.

I head over to Perrysburg High School to shoot the varsity baseball game. My original plan was to do a remote some  were but I got there a little late and there wasn’t a really good spot to put it because most high school fields suck with shooting positions.
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Dontrelle Illness


Dontrelle Willis was sent back to rehab with the Toledo Mud Hens for the third time this season and its hasn’t gone well either of the past two times so I was hoping for a decent night, boy was I wrong! He came out and warmed up half assed in my opinion (being an athlete I can tell).  He just didn’t seem ready to go

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Heavenly Light!


I was suppose to work for the newspaper tonight but no assignments came in so I went to shoot the Toledo Mud Hens a local Triple-A Baseball team who are affiliated with the Detroit Tigers. 


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