Lebron James and Cavs 16-0 at home.



Being only 2 hours away from Cleveland I never have been to a Cleveland Cavaliers game. So I was watching Sports Center and I saw that the Cavs are about  to be the first team in 12 years to be 16-0 at home since the Orlando Magic. So I quickly looked up their schedule to see when their next home game was against a big time team. Miami Heat was the perfect opportunity for two reasons get images of Lebron James and Dwayne Wade. 

So Sunday I packed up all of my gear jumped on the turnpike and prepared my self for the boring two hour drive! 

I finally got to Quicken Loans Arena at 5:30 two hours before tipoff. My original plan was to do an overhead remote but when I asked about doing a remote from the cat walk they told me I had to be there 4 hours before the game, so I settled with doing a remote just clamped to the back of the backboard. 


After I set up the remote I went and had an awesome all you can eat media meal for $5! 

I quickly finished grabbed all of my gear and headed to the floor to start working on shooting feature photos of Lebron.  

I like this one because he was dancing to some crazy rap song. 


And I had to get a photo of Lebron’s new shoe he just released. 


Next on my list was to get a picture of Lebron’s pre game ritual of throwing rosin into the air. While I was in the media room I looked a AP and Getty website to see what they had gotten and surprisingly nothing to amazing.  


I wanted to be behind the scorers table when he did it so, about 5 minutes before tipoff I walked behind the scores table.

I made sure I got a detailed photo of him pouring the rosin into his hands. 



I quickly got back to my seat on the court to get to work. 

Just about 10 minutes into the game Lebron had a steal and was headed to the hoop and I was hoping for a monster dunk but just went up for a reverse layup, got fouled by Dwayne Wade and still made the shot. 

Here is my handled version of the picture. 




Then not much longer after that play Anderson Varejao  went in for this dunk. 





The game went on with a back and fourth battle between Lebron and D Wade scoring points. 

Next are a few of my favorite shots from the game. 









Then the Cavs started pulling away and know that Cleveland is about to be the first team to be 16-0 in the 12 years there is going to be some good jube shots. 


I made it a point to get a picture of Lebron and D Wade shaking hands at the end of the game. 


Then I was waiting until Lebron got done with his interview with TV crew and I noticed him bending over and untying  his shoes and before I knew it he was threw them into the stands and he thew them pretty hard. I am sure those will be on ebay pretty soon. 


That wraps up me shooting the Cleveland Cavs game. Its time to go back to shooting high school and college basketball. 

2 responses to “Lebron James and Cavs 16-0 at home.

  1. Nice shots Andrew. What mounting plate did you use for your remote camera? I’ve been looking for something similar (magic arm mount, quick release plate).

  2. Hi Joel-

    I used a magic arm quick release plate with a super clamp on the other side.

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