Photo Illustration: Lebron James!!


Yesterday I went to Cleveland to shoot the Cleveland Cavaliers agains the Miami Heat to get some stock photos of both Lebron and Dwayne Wade and i came home with some images I was extremly happy with, but it wasn’t until I saw the advertisment across the street from Quicken Loans Arena of a giant Lebron Nike poster of him doing the signature throw powder into the air prior to tip off. 

After seeing that advertisment it gave me an idea! Usually I don’t get these kind of ideas but I guess it was just that kind of moment! So I called over my friend who who is a graphic design major and a photoshop wiz. 

So I showed him the Nike Lebron Ad. 

Then I showed him the photo I got took of Lebron doing the chalk throw. 

Then he was like I don’t understand why Nike or the other photographer didn’t think about adding in the chalk, I agreed with him and we started thinking of ways in photoshop to make a chalk effect and we didn’t get anything that looked even close to being real. So I hit up Mark J. Rebilas and showed him what we were looking to do so he was like why not just take some chalk and thow it up in the air with a black background and snap some pics of it and use flash. I was like damn! Why didn’t I think of that! So next we were lets go to the store and get some black poster board, then I realized it was pitch dark outside so I went into the garage and got a baseball rosin bag grabed my camera and flash. I used a pocket wizard with my flash so I could move the flash right under the cloud of rosin, it work out perfect and this is what we got.

Then I had to include a photo of my friend trying to make the cloud.

Then we quickly ran back inside downloaded the images off the card and got to work in photo shop to see what we could put together. 

Here is the final product!

11 responses to “Photo Illustration: Lebron James!!

  1. Guy Rhodes,

    How is a photo clearly labeled “illustration” unethical?

    Nice work, Andrew…

  2. Shelby-

    Guy though I was saying I took this photo in camera which I didn’t the chalk is photoshoped in.


  3. Dann Wunderlich

    I think that what Nike did is unethical by taking off the tattoos

    but that is just me.

  4. Yeah I agree you have to show the true Lebron if you ask me.

  5. Shelby:

    It wasn’t *clearly* labeled this way when I first visited this entry, so I was playfully jabbing Andrew about it.

  6. Great image and great explanation of an awesome idea.

  7. Love this post… amazing job babe.

  8. that picture is from when he was younger and i dont think he had as many tattoos then as he does now

  9. kool pics never seen them before kool kid evan showed them to me!

  10. Really great picture, is there anyway it can be more centered though. I really like it and am hoping I can get it for my own personal use

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