A View From Above!


After a long weekend of shooting a favorite of events I spent most of Monday relaxing watching a movie and catching up on TV shows. Bowling Green was playing Towson Tigers so I headed down to BG to shoot the game. Instead of take the usual route, I decide to go up in the cat walk and shoot half of the game from up there. 

To get up there you have to crawl up this tiny stairs and when you get up there you have to take off your credentials, take everything out of your pockets and put your camera around you body just to be safe nothing happens up there. I don’t like heights to much so it was extremely stressful for me, but once I got up there and got to work it was smooth sailing. Next time I am just going to do a remote instead of trying to shoot up up there the whole time! 


It was defintly a lot hard to shoot from up there then I had expected, the focusing was hard because it wants to pick up the floor most of the time and you don’t want to move around to much and cause a scene. 

I perfectly timed this dunk, but its not really use able because you can’t see his face. 


I got a few good scramble photos for a loose ball that I was happy with. 






Then in the second half I decided to head down to the court and get some shots nothing that you haven’t already seen as far as baseketball photos. I got one half dunk and  and a dunk rebound photo.



Tomorrow I am shooting more basketball, I am still looking for that killer feature basketball photo and I am hoping that will come tomorrow.

One response to “A View From Above!

  1. you’ve been angling to shoot up top for years…beautiful..

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