2008 Photos of the year



With 2008 coming to an end, I went back and look through all of my photos and picked a dozen that I thought were really strong so here we go. 

Lets start in May when I got the chance to shoot my first Major League Baseball game between the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees. Tigers Ryan Raburn slides safely into home. 



June was a bunch of photos from out local fair nothing worth sharing! 


Next in July I  head to a local swimming and diving meet in Bowling Green, Ohio where shooting swimming is extremely boring unless you get creative, which I did. I used a 10mm fish eye lens on my D300 I was l lying hanging over the water getting ready for the driver to jump in. I got soaking wet but was all smiles after I saw the results. 



Still in July I got my first opportunity to shoot Indy Car racing at Mid Ohio. 



Next to August, where the leaves start to change and the tailing gating begins. 

During the first week, of the football season the lighting is amazing which makes for some interesting shots and this is what I came up with. 





Along with some feature football photos, I also did get some action photos as well. 




Lets fast forward to last September when the University of Toledo traveled 45 minutes north to take on the Michigan Wolverines and was the first Mid American Conference team to defeat Michigan in 28 games. 


A few weeks later I traveled to Columbus, Ohio to shoot state tennis and I took total advantage of the “light pockets” . 


There are a few basketball photos from this past few games that could have made the list, but I decided to keep basketball out of them unless its a glass shattering dunk. 

Hope you enjoyed my images from 2008! When 2009 rolls around I am ready to kick some serious ass.

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