First Snow Fall and College Hockey.


I started off the day by sleeping in to around noon. I hate a late breakfast did some work on some school work then I started to get ready to head 15 miles down to Bowling Green to shoot Bowling Green Falcon Hockey vs. Northern Michigan. As I got all of my gear packed up and headed out to my car I had no idea it snowed. Here is a little fun pic of me. 


I finally brushed off all of the snow then head down to Bowling Green. I got there about 40 minutes prior to the game because this year they are forcing the media to park with the rest of the fans and its a complete hassle to haul all of my gear from my car to the media entrance.  I got inside ate some free pizza and then went right to work. I have never seen any shots of the players area so I went in there to shoot some stuff and this is what i came up with. 



Then I  asked the people who are incharge of the ice maintenance if it would be cool if I went out on to the ice to shoot some feature stuff and they said it would be completely fine. I couldn’t get to fancy because I didn’t feel like making a complete idiot of my self infront of he huge crowd on the ice. I did slow shutter speed and did some panning of the players getting introduced. I am going to try to go a little slower next time to see if I could get rid of the lights at the top a little more. 


Then the game was getting ready to start so I had to lightly slide off the ice and head to my shooting position. 


Then I was looking around and I see some people in the stand dressed as a rabbit and chicken (not the mascots) so I hussled to the other side of the rink to get some shots with them and the crowd. 


They started fighting then they were cheering on the team! 


And if you look carefully you will see a Bill Cliton mask behind the chicken! Gotta love college hockey because you have no idea what you will see. 

Back to the action. 



Then I noticed the goalie was always spitting water so I was trying to get some pics of that and it was an ok shot nothing great but better then nothing. 


Then I started working on shooting stock images of the players for later use. I transmitted some images on deadline and headed home for the evening. It was pretty uneventful night, I can’t wait for basketball season to start!

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