Toeldo Football on ESPN


Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been swamped with school and football and shooting and I am just getting around to updating the blog.

Wednesday night football on ESPN! Last night I got the opportunity to shoot the University of Toledo vs. Akron Zips at the Rubber Bowl in Akron, Ohio. I was quite excited to shoot college football because I haven’t been able  to for a while due to work and school and me also playing for Toledo (#8 Kicker).

So I headed with another player on the team who has been hurt most of the year to Akron a good 2 hour trip which was extremly unevent full except that I got to listen to the latest Howard Stern show (Thanks Mark J Rebilas, for getting me hooked). We arrived at the Rubber Bowl about 5:30 headed into the locker room to hang out wih the guys and what not. I was felling really creative lately so on Tuesday, I talked to our equipment manager about getting an hold facemask to shoot some images through and he though an even better idea, take an old helment and drill a hole in the back so I can stick my lens in it and shoot through a full helemt. We were short on time but next weekend I will have a prototype. But here are some results from shooting through the facemask.


As the game got ready to start there were fireworks going off as the Akron team ran on to the field I couldn’t switch to my wide angle lens fast enough but I did get a cool shot of out backup QB DJ Lenahan throwing the ball. 


Most of the 1st Quarter was spent getting solo shot of players because they always bug me about getting some shots of them. 

There was the first punt of the game and I always shoot the punter because of a big blocked put or something and the only time there was a blocked punt i was of course shooting vertical and I missed the shot and it was out of focus any way. 


Akron picked up the loose ball and scored a touchdown and the atmosphere of the stadium changed fast. 


We kicked off and Akron started to return the ball and Mark Singer attempts to tackle the return man and it was defintly unsuccessful. 

Then around the 2nd quarter I headup to the top of the stadium to get some over all shots and while I was heading up the steps I realized thatthe stadium was starting to fall apart an the steps and seats were starting to disintegrate. Atleast Akron is getting a new stadium after this year. 


Then we finally scored our 2nd TD of the game. 




Thanks for reading and I will be posting BGSU Falcons Basketball Next.


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