BGSU Basketball


Last Saturday was extremely busy day for me shooting wise. I had to shoot a Veterans Day Ceremony a portrait and two baskeball games. It made for a very interesting day. I shot the first two assignments then headed over to Anderson Arena to shoot some exhibition college basketball. Its been over a year since I had shot basketball so It was defiantly to a while to get back into the swing of things. 

I got my four saftey shots for the newspaper then I started getting creative because with basketabll you can only get some one driving to the hoop and doing layups so many times. I was working on my panning and I was plesently surprised with out I got, that will be put into my portfolio for future use. 


Canon EOS 1D Mark IIN 1/40 f2.8 ISO 320

Then I worked on getting some shots of Bowling Green key player Nate Miller for future use. 


Then I was working on getting some really tight shots under the basket. 


I then got this shot of Darryl Clements stealing the ball away from Ashlands defender and  came out as a very solid photo and I was happy. 


Then I went back to getting really low on the ground and shooting with a wide angle lens and I was loving it getting some very different looks that all of the photographers, mostly who are college students taking photo classes to become a photographer are all looking at me funny thinking what the hell I was doing but I could care less what they think. 


The game finished with a Falcon victory then I headed up to the media room to edit some photos and sit back and relax before the Women’s game started. Hanging out with all of the guys from the local TV stations is always a good time, because they always give me shit about going to Toledo and shooting BG events because we are rival schools. After i was done editing it was time to back it up and head back down to the court to get back to work. 

I started out the Women’s game by shooting ver the very top of the arena and did some panning images. 


I couldn’t color correct this image for the life of me for some reason. I wish the girl who was dribbling the ball had a sharper face, but I was happy with what I got. 

One good thing about shooting BGSU Women’s basketball is their head coach’s reactions. It can go from throwing his coat to jumping up and down like a little kid or even just very minor things like “THINK”. 


I then finished off the game with a solid photo for the paper then it was time get the heck out of their. 


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