State Tennis

State tennis in Columbus, Ohio was a very long windy day. Around 6 am on Saturday morning I meet at the office to drive 2  1/2 hours to Columbus to shoot Perrysburg’s Julia Metzger who has a chance to the be state champion in singles tennis. The drive down wasn’t bad no traffic and it was early and the coffee was being consumed by the liter it seemed. Lets get back to tennis, we arrived at The Ohio State University tennis courts around 8:45am and the match started around 9am.

I was just kind of hanging out for a while shooting the shit with a friend I saw down there I haven’t seen for a while. Then the match got started and the first 2 sets were extremly boring! But the 3rd and final set was quite exciting the sun was out there were “light pocket” on the court and the excitment and reactions were flowing!  

I started working the light pockets to get something different then most of the other photographers were going to be getting because most of them were shooting with a 400mm on 1.3x Mark III body and they were about 10 feet away from the court they must have really wanted to seem them sweat. 

Then I was working on some slow shutter panning stuff and I liked this picture.

Then I was working on getting some nice and tight shots with the ball coming towards here, I got something decent but what made it 10x better was the nice background  that is usually hard to get when your shooting something but it made my day nice and easy! 


Then I started working the shadows to find something more unique. 


Then she started becoming nervous as she was just 1 point away from winning an advancing to the state finals.

She finally win and she was all smiles nothing great as far as reaction but it gets the job done. I also did cover the state golf tournament but those images were complete trash and I won’t be posting those! Next up will be a tour of the new University of Toledo basketball arena.

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