Bowling Green Falcons Hockey

I can’t believe college hockey season is starting already. The college football season isn’t even half over and there playing hockey like its 35 degrees and snow on the ground (not looking forward to that). I made the best of the game. Have a D3 makes shooting hockey so much fun. Crank it up to ISO 4000 and your ready to roll. 

I arrived to the dark and horribly light Ice Arena were the Bowling Green Falcons play about an half hour before the puck dropped. To get some free food in the cramped press box and catch up with some of the other photographers the TV guys. Sorry I don’t have a visual of the media room like fellow photographer Mark J. Rebilas.

I like getting these shots becaues the newspaper always run feature stories about players they are nice and simple. 

The Bowling Green player slipped right between the two defenders, and then the defenders ran right into each other and fell to the ice it was pretty funny. I wish I would have gotten that shot but because I am shooting through the 2 inch thick glass there was a shitty as reflection and out of focus as hell. The aren’t nice enough to cut a small whole in the glass that makes forces me to shoot from uptop of the arena for most of the game. It makes for nice clean backgrounds but the action just isn’t in your face. 

I got a few really creative shots but they won’t let me upload them for some reason. I am giving up for now because my favorite TV show is on Pushing Daisies. Next up will be State Tennis and Golf in Columbus.

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