Minnesota vs. Bowling Green

After a week of not shooting anything it was time to get back to work. I covered the Minnesota Golden Gophers vs. Bowling Green Falcons in Bowling Green. This is the first time in history that a Big Ten school has traveled to a Mid American Conference school, usually its the other way around. The MAC schools usually want to travel to the Big Ten schools so they can get their we beat your ass money, but I am not sure how this one was worked out. 

I got to the game really really early, unlike high school games. 1) parking is ridiculous 2) the sidelines are packed with random people 3) get good stock images of Minnesota’s and Bowling Green’s key players who have a shot at being drafted or being signed as free agents. I got everything I wanted transmitted some images and then got ready for opening kick off and the team running out onto the field. 

Kick was at 7:30 and I was hoping there was going to be some amazing light but the way the stadium was facing it was being blocked by the press box which kind of pissed me off, but no big deal I knew this game would have a bunch of action and boy was I right. 

I like this shot because it adds some depth the the photo. Instead of just a boring shot of Minnesota’s QB Adam Weber (no relation) just makes for a different look. 

Bowling Green fell behind 10-0 but Bowling Green’s WR Freddie Barnes (7) goes for a long run and is face masked which was not called, not sure how it wasn’t the ref was about 5 yards behind me. Must be giving the benefit of the doubt to the Big Ten team. 

This was shot with at 420mm and I kick my self for shooting so tight because it would be a nice image if you could see Minnesota’s players hand trying to tackle the BGSU player, you win some and lose some. 

I thought this image was funny because the NCAA is trying to cut down on taunting and celebrating and the ref is right there and doesn’t do anything about it because later in the game there was a weak celebration and the ref flew the flag why must have been making up for not making this call. 

This next sequence image was the best action of the night and it payed off in the end.

I took the top image cropped it into a vertical. 

Then immediately transmitted it and It got picked up by the Twin Cities newspaper. Even though it ran in Black and White I was still happy. 

I also got a picture on Post-Bulletin.com and also on the front page of the newspaper. I would show you the actual newspaper but they want me to buy a subscription to it so I have to spend the next couple of days tracking down a hard copy. 

Then here are a few other images from the game. 

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