Beautiful Orange sky and oh yeah high school football

Another week has passed and I am back at the grind shooting high school football. I have been getting to the games extremely early to “make” cool feature shots for the newspaper web gallery. I have been extremely happy with what I have been coming out with at the end of the night.

The action hasn’t been the best but with one of the brightest orange skies I have seen made for some cool images. One thing about high school football is when I arrive at the game and get my 3 bodies out a 300 mm a 70-200mm and a 14-24mm and walk into the stadium people just stop and stare at all the gear I am carrying and people ask “how much its all that stuff  worth” and “can you see the moon with that lens” . I made a quick stop at the concession stand to pick up some water so I don’t pass out carrying all of my gear in the extreme heat and humidity. 

I started shooting Bowling Green High School warming up and the sun magically came out of the clouds and made the pictures a little more enjoyable, because great like is a recipe for good times! One advantage of shooting high school football is the lack of restrictions, I can pretty much go any where I want and as close to the players as I want which is a good thing and a bad thing. 

The game got under way and It was boring for most of the first quarter only one good action shot and a bunch of shitty running pictures that get old after 10 minutes. 

This is one of those pictures that most people will see and be like good job at capturing the action and faces but to me its a meh picture because of the damn ambulance in the background! Backgrounds, Backgrounds, Backgrounds are the key good images.

I tried some panning stuff and this one turned out just as I planned! 

I will go a head and include my favorite image of the night again!

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