Dontrelle Illness


Dontrelle Willis was sent back to rehab with the Toledo Mud Hens for the third time this season and its hasn’t gone well either of the past two times so I was hoping for a decent night, boy was I wrong! He came out and warmed up half assed in my opinion (being an athlete I can tell).  He just didn’t seem ready to go

After 1 inning he left the game with some kind of injury because he field a bunted ball from the first batter he field it cleanly thew it to first and the trainer came out and took a look at him. He finished the inning out and they he was headed to the showers. 

After Willis left there was really no other point shooting the game so I just BSing back in forth with the other photographers and shot dugout features. 

Then Mike Hessman who has spent the last month in Beijing with the USA Olympic baseball team is finally back with the team and you could tell he was glad to be back. He was smiling and shooting the shit with the rest of the players on the team. 

To finish the night I got a kind of cool shot of a Braves player thew the video camera in the photo well. 

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