Wood County Fair Day 4 +5

I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! The final two days of the Wood County Fair. They were pretty uneventful. I mostly shot the Livestock Winners circle. That is where the Grand Champion animals come and get their picture take for the special Fair Edition of the newspaper. It was going pretty smoothly until about 5:30 when all everyone started to show up with their animals. There was a line and the people in the line get pretty pissed when things aren’t going smoothly. I mean smoothly by the owner of the animals can’t get their animal in place right or they are getting picky of how the animals is standing. One of the kids was having a hell of a time getting their cow to stand right, so he was poking the cow and this guy walking by yelled out “enough with the animal cruelty man”! I was like wow, I don’t think its going to hurt a big ass cow by giving it a little poke. So the winners circle finally ended, and I was out as soon as it was time, if some one was 1 minute past 7:00 pm they weren’t getting their picture taken! So I headed back to the office to cool down and edit some pictures then It was time to drag back to the fair to shoot some cheerleading competition and a Country Concert, how exciting! Both were fun to shoot but at times during the cheerleading I was like these girls have no life! I don’t feel like typing any more so I am just going to post pictures. Next post is going to be about the life at 370 Wake Place Abingdon, VA 24210! 

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