Monthly Archives: August 2008

Dontrelle Illness


Dontrelle Willis was sent back to rehab with the Toledo Mud Hens for the third time this season and its hasn’t gone well either of the past two times so I was hoping for a decent night, boy was I wrong! He came out and warmed up half assed in my opinion (being an athlete I can tell).  He just didn’t seem ready to go

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Lights, Camera, Football!

Nikon D3, 14mm, 800iso, f2.8, 1/4000th

Let the games begin! Not the Olympics, High School Football! I started out the night driving an hour to Clyde, Ohio to shoot Eastwood  vs. Clyde. I got there a little early so I could shoot some feature photos because I knew when I got to the 2nd game of the night there would be no time to shoot features. As soon as I got there I found a parking spot and got to work. I was very surprised to find out that Clyde just had Field Turf installed a few weeks before, shooting on field turf makes shooting the game a little more enjoy able because there aren’t as many bugs but the downside is after running around and walking for a while your socks and shoes fill up with the little rubber pellets and it gets annoying! 

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Abingdon, VA

I am currently in Abgindon, VA spending a week or two with famous Kicking Coach Doug Blevins, before football camp starts. We kick in the morning and in the afternoon and just hang out the rest of the day so sitting around the apartment is boring as shit after a while. So I decided to head out and take some pictures around the historic town and I get some images I was quite happy with. They are all vintage looking which goes great with old historic town. I am hoping to do a documentary out of Coach this week and show the inside process of kicking a field goal. Not sure if I will do it for a day or do it for a week, we will and I will report back.

Wood County Fair Day 4 +5

I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! The final two days of the Wood County Fair. They were pretty uneventful. I mostly shot the Livestock Winners circle. That is where the Grand Champion animals come and get their picture take for the special Fair Edition of the newspaper. It was going pretty smoothly until about 5:30 when all everyone started to show up with their animals. There was a line and the people in the line get pretty pissed when things aren’t going smoothly. I mean smoothly by the owner of the animals can’t get their animal in place right or they are getting picky of how the animals is standing. One of the kids was having a hell of a time getting their cow to stand right, so he was poking the cow and this guy walking by yelled out “enough with the animal cruelty man”! I was like wow, I don’t think its going to hurt a big ass cow by giving it a little poke. So the winners circle finally ended, and I was out as soon as it was time, if some one was 1 minute past 7:00 pm they weren’t getting their picture taken! So I headed back to the office to cool down and edit some pictures then It was time to drag back to the fair to shoot some cheerleading competition and a Country Concert, how exciting! Both were fun to shoot but at times during the cheerleading I was like these girls have no life! I don’t feel like typing any more so I am just going to post pictures. Next post is going to be about the life at 370 Wake Place Abingdon, VA 24210! 

Sports Shooter Clip Contest

I finally placed in the Monthly Clip Contest over at The contest is where you submit your best images from the month and the members judge the photos and after each month the winners are released based on how many votes the photo got. 

I took this image during a local swim meet, I was using a 10.5 Sigma Fish Eye on a Nikon D300 I was lying on the ground on my back hanging over the water to get this picture. I was waiting for the swimmer to dive in but I got yelled at by an official telling me I can’t be in front over the diving board. I was soaking wet but after I chimped and saw the results It was all smiles! Coming in 2nd Place in the Sports Features section for the Clip Contest is a pretty big deal due to the face that I am competing with some of the best photographers in the world. I am hoping to build off of this and keep producing winning images.