Wood County Fair Day 1

Elephant Ears, kettle corn, lemonade, the sounds of the rids and cows mooing, Its time for the Wood County Fair! I will be spending 6 long, hot days covering the sights and sounds of the fair from Flower Judging, to the Combine Demolition Derby and lots of different things in between. 

Today I had to shoot the Best of Show winners for Fine Arts, which includes drawings, photography, wood carvings, and clay creations. I got to the fair around 2 pm to get some good fair food and then headed over to the Fine Arts barn to see if I could get the pictures I need but as usually people on the fair are on “fair time” which is about 30 minutes late so I waited for almost and hour and no one should up so I left. Called my editor told him and said they there will be another time tomorrow and I was like great! More sitting around playing Monkey Balls on my iPhone (amazing game!) So then I had to shoot the exact same thing for the Best of Show in the Floral Department that was smoothing sailing. I showed up at 4 pm all the winners were there ready to go took about 10 minutes then I had to go over to the next barn and do the exact same thing again, Best of Show for Foods (cookies, pies, cakes). Of course no one showed up! So after waiting around it was off to shoot feature photos. 

For the feature photos I was looking for something of people cooling off because the temperatures were in the 90s. I found this girl who was washing her cow but then she decided to spray someone else washing their cow. This photo would have been complete shit if the rainbow wasn’t there. Of course I didn’t even thinking about getting her name, so luckily, I found her again and got her name just incase they want to run it in the paper tomorrow.

Now that I had a feature photo of a person cooling off it was off to find a animal getting cooled down. I found this cow getting sprayed. I was first shooting on the outside of the bar and I realized the light and water made a cool look so I went inside of the bar to get a head on shot of the cow hoping to get some kind of expression, nothing great but light + water makes for good times!


After the light and water making a great photo it was off to find “light pockets” coming through the bar shinning on a cow. Found what I was looking for, nothing amazing but its better then a picture of cow just standing. Then it was off to shoot some rides (see the first image at the top of the page for an example). But all in all it was a decent first day at the fair tomorrow I am hoping to stick around a little longer tomorrow night and shoot the rides when they are all lit up and hope for some nice lighting in the sky! Check back tomorrow for more Wood County Fair Coverage. 


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