Heavenly Light!


I was suppose to work for the newspaper tonight but no assignments came in so I went to shoot the Toledo Mud Hens a local Triple-A Baseball team who are affiliated with the Detroit Tigers. 



Being a 7:00 pm start I knew it was going to be  good day for some awesome “Light Pockets”! Driving to the stadium the sky was looking kind of gray and not looking like the field would be drowned with good light but about 10 minutes prior to the game the clouds passed over and the field was flooded in light.

As the game started only the home plate area was covered in the shadows so I waited until about the 4th inning so the light would be directly on the pitcher and that made for some good images! They are the same shots you can get of the pitcher over and over but with the light it just adds a bit of some zip to the pictures. 


I shot from a different position in the upper deck level of the field every inning to ensure I got different angles with since the light so good and hope to capture  a diving catch or play in the light but that never happened, I was close but the 2nd baseman left the light pocket to field a grounder and I got an over exposed image. 

Around the 7th inning the sun started to set behind the stadium and the sun bathed field was now dark, so I walked down to the first base photo well to get some good stock images of the players. When I got down to the dugout I saw one of the Pawtucket Red Sox pitchers playing with a training ball and that made for a good picture,something a little different then him just sitting there picking his butt. 


There still wasn’t any decent action because the Hens were trailing 3-0 going into the 8th inning so I decided to get a little artsy and do some slow shutter stuff with the pitcher and I was happy with I got, a tack sharp face and blur in the arms to show motion. 


The next image isn’t great but its better then no action at all! Hens second baseman  Dereck Wathan runs into the outfield for an over the shoulder catch which made for a decent image the background is complete shit but Triple-A teams have to advertise a little more to make the big bucks! 

Then to finish off the game I saw a Pawtucket player blowing a bubble in the dugout and all the sudden a Hens player started rounding 3rd heading home so I had to switch my exposure and hope for some great collision at the plate. I got the exposure right on but I was looking out the corner of my eye looking for the runner so the pic wasn’t exactly take sharp. It would have made for a sweet photo if I shot it vertical but who shoots plays at the plate vertical? 

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