Honda Indy 200

Shot this in the backstretch of the track where no other photographer even bothered checking out because it was to far from the media room

Well I guess its time I jump on the blogging bandwagon!

This past weekend I headed down to Lexington, Ohio to shoot the Honda Indy 200 at Mid Ohio. It was a road course so I couldn’t position my self a top of the press tower like Nascar extraordinaire  Mark J. Rebilas  who positions himself there to get crashes, so I had to take another route running around the 2.5 mile track to get some pretty pictures because standing in the same spot and shooting the cars gets rather boring quite quickly, not sure how some of the

other photographers did it but I am sure they got some really creative shots, NOT! I probably walked 6 miles over the 3 day weekend but it was by far worth the extreme soreness this morning, because I got some shots I was quite happy with. 


Indy Lights Series driver  J.R. Hildebrand is bathed in sunlight

Indy Lights Series driver J.R. Hildebrand is bathed in sunlight


The above image of Danica Patrick was shot during Day 1 of the Honda Indy 200 Practice sessions. I spent the whole day following her around to get some good stock of her but I took a half hour break to get some lunch and I missed the fight between her and  Milka Duno in the pits, I kick my self now for not sticking around for an extra half hour to shoot some more because that image would have sold for some serious cash. But I did get a nice shot of her after I heard on my radio headset that they had a feud so I quickly ran out to get some after math shots. The picture I got of Danica being upset was picked up by Sports Illustrated for a nice picture and shitty pay, web usage pays shitty because the images change so much. 

Day 2 was uneventful due to the on and off rain showers make it hot and muggy and shooting when its muggy is not fun at all! But after shooting another practice session and getting some more good headshots of drivers it was time for the America LeMans race. It was pretty boring no crashes but I did get a decent spin out picture, nothing great but o well. 

Race Day! The Honda Indy 200 was suppose to green flag racing @ 1:30 on ABC but due to the rain and the extra length of the Indy Lights Race before it didn’t go green flag until about 2:10 which was ok because the rain and passed and the sun started to come out. Water and Sun makes for some great images but then sun eventually went behind the clouds and was grey and boring skies for most of the race. But as soon as we went green flag the crowd uproaded in exciting nothing I have ever experience before, I can only imagine what its like at tracks like Daytona and  Talladega. But after about four laps #96 Mario Dominquez spined out  in turn #2. If you look carefully in the background of the photo you will see 2 other photographers 1 of them is chimping and the other guy is just enjoying the spin out. 

After the spin out there was a full course yellow flag so I grabbed all of my gear booked it to turn #13 where a lot of action happened during the previous 2 races. I took me 2 laps under caution to make it to my spot but after getting there I was glad I did because shortly after going green flag #25 Marty Roth spun out and caused another full course caution. Its nothing great but out of the other two wire service shooters I was the only one to get it. 

So I decided to stay around turn #13 and #14 for about 20-30 laps and and I was walking from turn #14 to #13 which is about a 1/4 of a mile walk I missed #26 Marco Andretti hit #10 Scott Dixon and cause a crash after I heard some rubber burning I ran to see if I could at least catch some action but all I got was the safety team towing Marco’s car back to the garage. O well it happens to the best of us. 

Then the rest of the 40 laps was boring so I started to make the 1/2 walk from turn #14 towards the finish line so I could get some good shots of the winner #6 Ryan Briscoe getting out of his car.   Then it was time off to victory circle where they spray champagne and shoot confetti and other fun stuff!   


After the winner #6 Ryan Briscoe got done spraying his teammate Helio Castroneves who came in second it was time to get to work editing my images. The faster you can get your images done the better chance your image will get picked up before another wire service. Everything was going smoothly until my card crashed so I spent an extra 30 minutes recovering them but after they were recovered it was smooth sailing until I packed up all my gear and hiked it to my car, I got out of the track with no problems but as soon as I got 10 miles down the road towards the expressway the line of cars looked like they were getting ready for green flag racing so I decided to turn down a country road and see if I could find a way around it but no such luck I never even made it back to the expressway so I took country roads all way home after a few stops to ask for directions I made it home just in team to get some good food and Sunday entertainment at Ralphies!


One response to “Honda Indy 200

  1. Hey Great shots …..

    Will you do any more IndyCar events before the year is over ?

    – Side Note: As I understand it – Contrary to what the PA System said at Mid-Ohio – Golf running late on Television was for the second year in a row the reason that the race was delayed – Not the weather !

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